Hiking In Show Low

Best Routes & Trails

Located in the White Mountain area of Arizona, Show Low boasts some of the best hiking trails in the state.  At over 6,000 feet, these trails wind through majestic mountains, pass by mountain streams and lakes, are surrounded by huge pine trees and a variety of interesting wildlife.  All are natural inhabitants of the area.

Los Burros Trail

This moderately rated, lightly traveled trail is a 13.8 mile loop.  The trail head is located at the Los Burros campsite off Vernon-McNary Road.  This trail is ideal for hiking and mountain biking and has an elevation of 1441 feet.  This is a beautiful trail with many spectacular views.  Los Burros is also a horse friendly trail.

Timber Mesa Trail

This is a 7.4 mile loop trail that also has light traffic.  This moderate rated trail has an elevation of 580 feet.  It is an easy trail to follow with clearly marked blue diamond signs.  The Timber Mesa Trail boasts some of the most amazing views, especially during its first three (3) miles.  Show Low Lake, Scotts Reservoir and the City of Show Low all can be seen on this hike.  This trail is fun for hikers, mountain biking, trail running or just a casual walk in a spectacular setting.

Panorama Trail

A more heavily traveled trail, Panorama Trail is located about 15 minutes from Show Low.  With a slight 778 foot elevation, this moderately rated trail is a 9.5 mile loop situated in a beautiful forest environment.  Open from May until October, Panorama Trail is a dog friendly hike and also very popular with mountain bikers and horseback riders alike.

Severnson Wildlife Trail

This unique trail is located just 2 ½ miles north of Show Low.  This easy rated trail is great experience for every member of the family.  Artificially created wetlands; the marshes are a visual treat for viewing many different water birds, from ruddy ducks to American Wigeon, the Great Blue Heron, the American Avocet and many many more.  This area is a bird watchers dream.

This short trail has different viewing stages.  In addition to the birds, you may also spot antelope, mule deer, elk and a variety of medium and small sized mammals.  The kids will love this nature center located in a spectacular area.

Buena Vista Trail

The trail head to this service hike starts at 6600 feet with an elevation gain of 230 feet and an accumulated gain of 2133 feet.  This easy to moderately rated hike is a 10.3 mile loop.  An old logging trail that offers a 5’ wide area, bikers and hikers transverse this trail with ease.  With an assortment of different kinds of evergreens and trees this cool summer hike is a favorite for locals and tourists alike.

Show Low Bluff Trail

At 1.5 miles, this easy to moderate loop trail offers views of Show Low meadows and Show Low creek while walking through beautiful majestic pines.  Hikers and bikers enjoy this easy loop in Show Low.  It is located just off Woodford Road and White Mountain Road.  There is parking at either trail head.

A nice 45 minute hike for the entire family, with colorful wildflowers and some cows along the way.  Just to spice up this walk, you will come upon a “Frisbee Golf Course” along the way!

Ice Cave Trail (Blue Ridge Cave Trail)

A short drive from Show Low, this challenging hike, though only 4 miles back to the Lava Cave offers everything the experienced hiker would like.  You will follow a creek for a short time.  You will come upon views of the Scotts Reservoir and will have to hike through rocky areas along the path.  Keep your eyes peeled for the blue diamond markers posted on the trees.  The turn-off to the cave is marked.  This cave is a lava tube with a continually flow of cool air at 52 degrees.  It is a unique experience, especially in the heat of the summer to enjoy a blast of cold air while on your hike!

Remember when hiking follow the signs and stay on the trails.  Always take water and snacks and watch where you are going.

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